Um, About Those “Legal Observers”

Posted by - June 29, 2020

(Chuck Muth) – At a recent mob rally on the Strip in Las Vegas, Metro police officers arrested a half-dozen or so lawyers and law students who self-declared themselves “legal observers” and, like other agitators in the mob, refused to comply with a dispersal order. In describing the arrests, Sheriff Joe Lombardo pointed out that

Beverly Hills Protest Mob Gets Rude Awakening

Posted by - June 28, 2020

(Chuck Muth) – According to an Associated Press report, 23 “protestors” were arrested Friday night “after they ignored repeated orders to leave a neighborhood” in Beverly Hills, California. Another “was arrested on suspicion of arson.” Now here’s the thing… Despite AP’s herculean effort to characterize the mob gathering as a “largely peaceful protest,” the fact